Hi and welcome to my online gallery!  I'm a wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, and photographer with a passion for capturing the "everyday" stuff with my camera.  I don't think we should get a photographer for formal portraits only.  Sure, formal portraits are great, and we all want them and have them proudly displayed in our homes, but consider hiring a photographer for less formal images.  Consider capturing your child's interests. For example, you may have a daughter that is absolutely horse crazy. Consider having a photographer come out to a lesson and preserving those memories.  She will love to look back on them one day, and so will you.  Maybe your son (like mine) just received his 1st bow and is crazy about it.  Or maybe he plays basketball and enjoys having some cool shots of himself.  My point is, you don't have to get a photographer for once or twice a year portraits only. 

My photography passion started when I received my 1st DSLR from my parents for Christmas so that they could ensure they'd get pictures of their  3 grandchildren (since we live 500 miles apart).  

My main interest is in natural light photography.